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Couscous manufacturing Process

The couscous manufacturing process consists of the following stages:

Firstly, the semolina is mixed with water in order to compress the particles of semolina to form couscous grains, after which the grains are rolled and calibrated.

The grains are then steamed for approximately six minutes to gelatinize the starch, which makes for a lighter end product.

The mass of couscous thus formed in the steamer is shredded and moved on to the drying stage. This stage stabilizes the degree of humidity of the product at 12%, which allows good conservation of the product.

After the product leaves the drier, it is sifted again in order to separate the different-sized grains of couscous into fine, medium and coarse.

The couscous is packed in bags or boxes according to the customer's order and is then plastic-wrapped or placed in cardboard boxes.

The plastic-wrapped packets and cardboard boxes are placed in metal crates or on wooden palettes for automatic wrapping.

After undergoing quarantine, the palettes are moved to storage, from which orders are delivered to local markets and abroad.

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