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Logistics :

Caravan Distribution manages three storage facilities with a total area of 12.000m². This guaranties the storage of more than 10.000 pallets of product at any given time. Besides, these warehouse facilities are organized according to the product market destination in the following manner:

· A central storage facility in Sfax, assures the distribution of products to the centre and southern parts of the country.
· A second logistical base in Tunis, responsible for distributing to the greater Tunis area, the Cap Bon market area, and the north western parts of the country.
· A third storage facility, located in the suburbs of Sfax (Thyna) which is used as a supply and loading centre mostly for the export markets.

Caravan Distribution also operates more than twenty vehicles of large trucking capacity and a dozen smaller vehicles, therefore allowing for a total transport capacity of more than 200 tons per day.

Sales :

With its three brands Diari, Spiga, & Friga, and its two distribution sites in the domestic market, Caravan sells its products according to the following three channels:

· To the supermarket chains and mini markets (GMS) thanks to a highly qualified marketing team and a number of merchandising assistants.
· To the + 500 food wholesalers through the in-house professional salesmen, divided in 6 different geographical areas.
· Directly to more than 1000 convenience stores and points of sales through a network of delivery/sales force, in the Sfax metropolitan area and the capital.

Parallel to the local market, Caravan Distribution has very much improved its export activity which covers not only North Africa, but also 25 other countries over the 5 continents. In fact, the company exports around 50% of its overall volume, and besides its excellent quality and service, Caravan has a good communication and advertising strategy that is carefully designed in order to satisfy its local and foreign clients.


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