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Presentation of Group Affes

1- STPA :

Considered to be the parent company, STPA which was founded in 1975, is the milling division of the group. It is made out of four different units integrating several operations like durum & soft wheat milling (semolina and baking flour), animal feed compounds, grain and commodity trading, and poultry and chicken farming.

2- CDS :

Created since 1978, CDS is the market leader in Tunisia in terms of couscous and pasta production under the Diari and Spiga labels. Known for its top quality products, CDS has an advanced quality program and holds HACCP & ISO 9002 certifications. It was the first company to mass produce couscous on a fully automated basis by using industrial scale state-of-the-art equipments. 

3- SPPAS  :

This is a second milling business that specializes in barley milling and processing, with the outcomes being barley-based products for soup preparations.

4- Flexo Print :

It is the design and packaging affiliate, where most film materials for the food products are produced. It handles the graphic artwork as well as the printing of several packaging needs for the brands of the group as well as other customers. Flexo Print was created in ?94 and also maintains the ISO 9001 norms of operations.

5- Caravan Distribution:

This is the marketing and sales branch of the group. It is responsible for the distribution of the finished outputs both in the local market and internationally, through a network of food wholesalers / importers, retail & supermarket outlets, and the food service industry. In addition, the company manages the promotional and advertising campaigns on behalf of the group?s entities, and is considering to diversify its items by the imports of complementary food products that fit its existing line.

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